Krystalvision launches KV6040 X Ray Scanner

Krystalvision launches KV6040 X Ray Scanner

Krystalvision announces the launch of the newest member in the successful Security X Ray machine product line, the new KV6040 model. The new KV6040 advanced x ray machine has a tunnel size of 600 mm width by 400 mm height. The tunnel size of KV6040 is in between KV5030 (500 mm by 300 mm) and KV6550 (650 mm by 500 mm) and is perfect for customers who want to scan objects bigger than laptop bags and purses but still want a compact system that will fit any entrance area.

KV6040 delivers the same superior performance as our other models and has advanced features including – organic/inorganic separation, startup and self-diagnostic, advanced TIP functionality and Operator training program.

The KV6040 X Ray machine is designed for continuous operation and can scan thousands of passenger bags in a day. The machine is installed quickly and provides robust and efficient performance.

By leveraging Krystalvision’s long-standing expertise in high-performance X ray systems, the new KV6040 is designed to dramatically enhance screening capabilities in space constrained locations that need to be secured quickly.

System configurations can be optimized for a number of different situations and environments. Please contact Krystalvision to understand how we can help.