Manufacturing and Quality

Technology Manufacturing and Quality

Research and Development

The proliferation of new technologies and product personalization are leading to more complex design and development requirements. Krystalvision’s competitive advantage lies with the fact that R&D activities are an integral part of the company product lines.
Some people see x ray image data as shades of black and white but its much more than that. It contains the information you want – may be its a threat in a briefcase or product non conformity. We at Krystalvision help you to make sense of the data, provide insights and prompt to take action.
Krystalvision’s core team of researchers consists of scientists, architects and engineers possessing more than 40+ years of experience to help our customers achieve the best possible detection, reliability and value for money.

High Technology Manufacturing

Krystalvision is a technology led manufacturing company that focuses on x ray scanning applications for security, food and NDT applications. Krystalvision regards itself as part of new generation of “Make in India” companies that use latest technology and innovation to stay ahead of the curve and serve its customers.

Krystalvision’s research, design, manufacturing and test facility is located in Pune, India. Pune is one of the leading manufacturing and information technology hubs in India. Factory is located in industrial suburb of Chinchwad M.I.D.C. This area is known for large manufacturing factories of Tata, Bajaj, L&T, Mercedes, Volvo, LG, etc. and has a highly developed local vendor ecosystem.

Our factory is built specifically for manufacturing and testing of x-ray equipment. We have received AERB approval for commercial production of x ray scanners. Factory has AERB approved layout, AERB approved radiation test lab, approved equipment and trained Radiological Safety Officers.

Each product undergoes rigorous design and development process including 2D and 3D engineering, digital signal design, PCB design and software development. Product is then prototyped, and product certifications are obtained. This process becomes especially important for our NDT customers who generally need Special Purpose Machines (SPMs) to isolate specific issues with parts or subassemblies.

Quality you can Trust

You can rely on Krystalvision to consistently meet all specifications on product quality. Our attention to quality is the foundation of our success – and is the reason some of the largest customers rely on us to provide best detection capabilities.

We put products through rigorous quality testing in pre-production stages to qualify the performance and reliability. Moreover, each individual system undergoes various quality, stress and final inspection tests before delivery to our customers. Our products comply with international quality standards and and have been tested and certified as such by 3rd parties such as NABL labs.