Product Features

Krystalvision 5030 x ray baggage scanner

Sleek customizable design that fits into your ambiance

Krystalvision X Ray scanners are perfect combination of style, productivity and reliability. X Ray scanners are ergonomically designed for continuous operation and great aesthetics look. Customization is available to fit your needs – Be it placement of the monitor (Top or side or seperate), placement of Operator keyboard (Inbuilt or seperate) and exterior color combinations to suit the customer surroundings. Turn the scanner on and it will give the best detection capability and even when it’s off, its beautiful design makes a statement – that its the best looking scanner on the market.

Amazing Image Quality

Krystalvision security scanner 3 color imaging
Krystalvision baggage scanner 3 color imaging
Krystalvision baggage scanner 3 color imaging

With Krystalvision scanners, you will experience baggage scanner color codes and image quality that is simply the best in the world.

Advanced propriety algorithms based on atomic number signatures realise extra-fine detail with minimal noise to provide incredibly detailed images with best in class resolution and penetration capabilities.

Krystalvision Narcotics detection

Narcotics and Explosives Auto Detection

Krystalvision’s proprietary algorithms use atomic number signatures to provide advanced material discrimination and explosives and narcotics detection. They improve the operator’s ability to quickly detect illegal and concealed explosives and narcotics in objects.

By analyzing the targeted object for specific patterns that match the signature of explosives or narcotics, the software will display visual alerts on Operator screen in real time.

Krystalvision High Density Alert

High Density Alert

Krystalvision has ensured that dense or opaque objects are not used to hide illegal items. If an object exceeds user defined density threshold, the operator is alerted on the screen by High Density Alert. High Density Alert assists operators in identifying objects that otherwise be missed and increases visibility to the operator of highly dense items.

High Density Alert is configurable and its sensitivity can be changed by the supervisor. High Density Alert works with real time continous scanning without the need to stop the conveyor belt. At its most sensitive, High Density Alert will even detect all the zips in a backpack.

Enhanced Operator Assistance

In complex objects, operator needs the ability to use multiple image manipulation techniques in real time to determine the threat level in the object. Krystalvision is raising the bar by providing the operator with simple yet effective functions to make informed decisions.

We provide the operator with innovative features like real time 3 color and 6 color imaging, configurable high density alert, configurable organic alert, 7 8 9 Alert feature so that the system is actively identifying threats and alerting the operator.

We provide more features to the operator than our competitors. We also do not charge “extra” for base features that are helpful to the operator.

For a complete list of image processing options, please see our technical datasheet.

Great connectivity

With USB and LAN connections on the outside panel of the machine, simply plug your USB memory drive or HDD into the scanner and instantaneously download all images or take the scanner on your LAN network for network copy.

Networking Platform for enhanced threat detection

Krystalvision Multi-XBIS Networking Platform is an integrated

Krystalvision Networking Feature

secondary screening setup to efficiently manage the screening process and ensure threats are identified during primary and secondary check.

The Network Platform collects images from all the networked baggage scanners, centralizes them and displays them to one or more secondary network operators in far away locations in network mode.