6040 X Ray Baggage Scanner

6040 X Ray baggage scanner is a dual energy, compact, state of art conveyor scanner designed for medium packages.


Krystalvision 6040 x ray baggage scanner machine has a tunnel size of 600 mm by 400 mm and can scan objects that exceed standard dimensions for hand luggage. 6040 is an advanced x ray machine with features such material discrimination,  organic/inorganic stripping, TIP functionality etc.

Krystalvision 6040 x-ray machine offers high-resolution image with superior image processing functions and excellent detection capabilities. 6040 x ray baggage scanner is ideal system for hotels, convention centers, malls etc. and event-based security environments.


 • Cost effective

 • World class image quality

 • Sophisticated image capture, display and archival

 • 4 color and 8 color imaging

 • Wire Resolution of 38 AWG

 • High performance – Typical penetration up to 35 mm of steel

 • Atomic number based material discrimination

 • Threat Image Projection

Optional Features

 • Support for networked environment

 • Dual View


 • Uninterrupted power supply

 • Standby generator

 • Input/output rollers


Krystalvision reserves the right to change product specifications due to continuous product R&D and improvements without prior notice.

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Product Categories

NDT Products

Security Products

Market Applications

  • Government offices
  • Defense establishments
  • Airports
  • Hotels and Corporate Offices
  • Metro/Railway Stations
  • Malls and Movie Theaters
  • Prisons and Courthouses
  • ITES/Corporate Offices
  • Temples and Places of Worship

Additional information

  • Product Tunnel size

    600 (W) x 400(H) mm

  • Product Beam Direction

    From Bottom

  • Product Max. load

    165 kgs.

  • Product Power Consumption

    0.5 KVA

  • Product Intensity

    10 mm +30 mm +

  • Product Mobility

    Mobile Caster Wheels