Krystalvision Desktop/TableTop X Ray Machine

Krystalvision’s Desktop X Ray Machine is ideal for various uses such as scanning incoming mail, checking product packaging, scanning small parcels etc.


The systems offer a large inspection chamber and imaging area while retaining a small machine footprint. This makes it ideal for locations where space is at a premium.

The unit has robust steel construction with complete lead shielding and can be located safely in any workplace area.

X Ray Source and Detector Board Options

It is equipped with a standard 80 KV generator. Depending on the requirement, it can be fitted with a 100 KV or 140 KV source.

Key Features

 • Superior detection capabilities

 • Low cost of ownership

 • Sophisticated image capture, display and archival

 • Complete system diagnostic check at start up

 • Exterior emergency stop buttons

 • Audible and visual pre-warn alarm system

 • Low base for easy loading/unloading

Optional Features

 • Support for networked environment

 • Customized Auto defect detection

 • Auto reject

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Product Categories

NDT Products

Security Products

Market Applications

  • Incoming mail
  • Packaged products
  • Plastic Parts
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Many other uses