Krystalvision Real Time Viewing System


Krystalvision’s Portable X ray inspection system is easy to use and offers real time, sophisticated analysis of suspect objects in remote locations. The system consists of a remote laptop, x ray source and a image capture screen.
The system is designed keeping in mind the needs of security personal on the field and offers outstanding X ray image quality
down to the smallest detail. The Portable X ray system is lightweight, easily configurable for different environments and can be set up
in minutes by one person.
It comes with a choice of X ray sources and has both wired and wireless capabilities. This system is ruggedized to handle harsh

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Product Categories

NDT Products

Security Products

Market Applications

  • Police and Paramilitary
  • Government offices
  • Defense establishments
  • Airports
  • Critical Infrastructure

Additional information

  • Product Beam Direction

    From Top

  • Product Max. load

    100 Kg

  • Product Power Consumption

    0.5 KVA

  • Product Intensity

    10+ mm15+ mm5+ mm

  • Product Mobility