NDT Cable X Ray Scanner

Krystalvision’s NDT Cable Scanner is a sophisticated x ray machine that is used to scan metallic and non metallic wires, strands, spiral /stranded ropes or chains.


The machine is customized as per requirement  so as to provide optimal x ray image for the material (aluminum, steel, alloys  wire,  natural or artificial plies, yarns, strands etc.) and construction (Spiral, braided, stranded etc.). The machine is placed on the production line at line speed. Our software provides a continuous image feed for defect analysis.

Cable Scanner is fully lead shielded radiation device that meets the strictest international regulations. The scanner is completely self-contained and has image analysis software installed.


The inspection position is obtained by the movement of the cable or rope over two drums while controlling the coordination and alignment between source and detector.

X Ray Source and Detector Board Options

Depending on the need, we will use the right combination of x ray source and detector.


 • 17 inch LCD monitor with i3 processor and 1 TB hard drive

 • Easy access for maintenance operations

 • Operator push-button panel with main functions

 • Reverse motion arrangement after defect detection

 • Temperature sensor and auto shutdown

 • State of art X-Ray image processing and defect analysis

 • Image archival and retrieval

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Product Categories

NDT Products

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Market Applications

  • Steel Cables
  • Aluminum Cables
  • Alloy Wires
  • Yarn Ropes
  • Braided Ropes
  • Nylon Ropes
  • Polyester Ropes
  • Polypropylene Ropes